Farhad O’Neill -
Visual Artist

Curriculum Vitae

Farhad O’Neill, Visual Artist

Artist Statement

“The practice and growth of my Art has been informed by many and varied influences, not only by the visual but also by the unseen, the interior, the inexpressible, and the musical. I include my spirituality, mnemonics, a mixed Irish/Zoroastrian parentage, knowledge of justice and community, music, and observations regarding the relationship between object and place. I believe that all of these things find their truest representation, in a sort of reverse Platonic fashion, in the physicality of created Art. Art, therefore, is for myself the means by which all those things that exist in human nature and the natural world find their truest expression”.


1995 - 2018

Numerous private sculptures, painting, and drawing commissions. Almost all of these works belong in private collections in Canada and Ireland.

See Sculptures, and Drawings and Illustrations.

2014 - 2018/19

Marian Doors Commission for St. Michaels Cathedral Basilica. Commissioned by the Archdiocese of Toronto to create two bronze gilded double doors for the north and south transept of the renovated Cathedral to show the entirety of the Rosary in sculptural bas-relief. Link to a video by Concrete Pictures of the beginning of the commission: https://vimeo.com/147828546


Feminine Character of the Unconscious. Private stone sculpture commission. Toronto, Canada.

Drawing commission of automatic writing on lambskin/illuminated manuscript to “Suite for Piano” by Canadian composer/pianist William Westcott. Private commission.


O’Keefe/H Manuscript. Automatic writing on lambskin/illuminated manuscript commission. Private commission. Toronto, Canada.

Automatic writing to T. Monk. Private drawing commission of automatic writing on lambskin. Toronto, Canada.


Corpus et Spiritus. Major sculpture commission for the Catholic Education Centre (YCDSB). Patron: Metrus Inc. Aurora, Ontario. Canada.

The Life of St. Elizabeth. Bas-relief sculpture created in conjunction with the students of and for St. Elizabeth Catholic Academy for the Arts. Vaughan, Ontario. Canada.


Stations of the Cross (Divine Love). Bas-relief sculpture created in conjunction with the students off and for Holy Cross Catholic Academy. Woodbridge, Ontario. Canada.

Expulsion from the Garden (Environmental Installation). Installation created alongside other installations (which I managed) created by top art students from Unionville High School for the Artist. Commissioned by the Township of Markham, Ontario. Canada, for the Markham Blooms Community Festival.

Biographical Construction. Two-piece stone (permanent) and hanging polystyrene (temporary) installation commissioned by the Township of Markham, Ontario. Canada for the Markham Community in Bloom Festival.

Balancing on Three Points. Mural commission: British Council, BG Tunisia. British Council Office, Tunisia. See Radio interview with Tunis International Radio for more.

Ode to Aphrodite and Hala Sultan. Mural commission: British Council (Cyprus), the BHC (Cyprus). Cyprus. See Ode to Aphrodite under Videos for more.


Constructing the Past. Mural commission: British Council (Belfast and Cyprus), and ETEK. Nicosia, Cyprus. See Nicosia video for more.

Carriage na Gailge. Stone sculpture commission sponsored by the USDT and the Turf Lodge Residents Association. Completed and installed by since removed. Pity, it would make a lovely mass rock.


Carriage Failte. Sculpture commission: Groundwork N.I., Turf Lodge Residents Association, and the USDT.

Carriage Mairead. Sculpture commission: Groundwork N.I., Ait na Mona Residents Association. Ireland.


Freedom Restrained? Commissioned for the Falls Women’s Centre. West Belfast, Ireland. Supported by the New Works program by the ACNI. Link: http://www.farhadsculpture.com/PublicWorks/Freedom.htm

The Birth of Kells. Sculpture donated to An Culturlann Irish Language Cultural Centre. Belfast, Ireland.


The Herald of Jericho. Public sculpture commission: Upper Springfield Development Trust. USDT building. Ireland.

An Duanaire, Poems of the Dispossessed. The Blackbird and the Bell. Private commission by Eamonn O’Faigain.


Bedu Bride I, II, Flying Carpet. Sculpture commission: Government of Jordan, EXPO 2000. Hanover, Germany. My work on this commission was recognized by HRH Queen Rani al Abullah of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

Basian Garden. Screen sculpture commission. Stately residence. Collaboration with designer Bruce Munro. Barbados. See Videos of my making screen sculptures in the Conway Mill studio.

Basian Sky Garden. Stately residence. Collaboration with designer Bruce Munro. Barbados. See Videos of my making screen sculptures in the Conway Mill studio.


Screen sculpture commission for the Belfast Indian Cultural Centre, Crumlin Road.

Standing Guard. Public sculpture commission: Groundwork N.I. for Ballymena Borough Council. Ballymena, Ireland.


Screen sculptures for the Song of America Cruise Liner. Link: http://www.farhadsculpture.com/PublicWorks/American_Sculptures.htm


Awards, Grants, and Collections