Farhad O’Neill -
Visual Artist

Balancing on Three Points

Date rendered: 2005

Mixed media on plaster. 18ft X 10ft. British Council Office, Tunis, Tunisia This mural is an abstract representation of the concept of a society in the midst of change.

A society balancing on the three points of Culture, History and Change.

“History, Culture, Change. These are the touchstones for this tableau. History exists, Culture changes and constantly reinvents itself and sometimes History. Human existence is a process of nonstop change with both order and chaos fighting for a supremacy, with Change being the only static, constant element in the entire evolutionary process. Finding Balance between the forces of tradition and modernity is the key to stability in a changing world. References to Tunisian Patrimoine, Arabic writing, and ancient Irish (and thus semi-autobiographical) Ogham script provide the tools for finding Balance on three points.”

Dedicated to Ashik Skelton, on the occasion of the opening of the new British Council offices in Tunis, Tunisia in 2005

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