Marian Doors St. Michael's Cathedral Basilica

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Marian Doors Commission for St. Michael's Cathedral Basilica, Toronto. This commission was proposed, designed, drawn out, carved by the artist. The commission began in January of 2014. The carving was approved in May of 2018, prior to casting, gilding, and installation. Final installation to take place in the winter of 2018/2019.

The commission illustrated in sculptural bas-relief the entirety of the Rosary, carved mainly in reductive fashion in hydrostone, then cast in bronze, gilded, and installed in two sets of bronze double doors for the Cathedral Basilica. The Joyful and Glorious Mysteries are placed in the double doors in the North Transept which forms the Chapel to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, while the Sorrowful and Luminous Mysteries are placed in the double doors in the South Transept which forms the Chapel to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

This project was proposed by the artist, and then commissioned by the Cathedral Basilica of St. Michael's and the Archdiocese of Toronto, under the patronage of His Emminence Thomas Cardinal Collins and the direction of Rector Emeritus of the Cathedral Basilica the Reverend Fr. Michael Busch. Primary contractors were Buttcon (installation), Artcast Foundry (casting), Ellison Bronze (fabrication of the doors). Art Magic (installation).

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First Joyful Mystery. The Annunciation. Second Joyful Mystery. The Visitation. Third Joyful Mystery. The Nativity. Fourth Joyful Mystery. The Presentation in the Temple. Fifth Joyful Mystery. The Finding in the Temple. First Glorious Mystery. The Resurrection of Jesus. The Second Glorious Mystery. The Ascension Third Glorious Mystery. The Descent of the Holy Spirit (Pentecost). Fourth Glorious Mystery. The Assumption. Fifth Glorious Mystery. The Coronation of Mary. First Sorrowful Mystery. The Agony in the Garden. Second Sorrowful Mystery. The Scourging at the Pillar. Third Sorrowful Mystery. The Crowning of Thorns. Fourth Sorrowful Mystery. The Carrying of the Cross. The Fifth Sorrowful Mystery. The Crucifixtion. The First Luminous Mystery. The Baptism of Jesus. The second Luminous Mystery. The wedding feast at Cana. The Third Luminous Mystery. The Proclamation of the Kingdom. Fourth Luminous Mystery. The Transfiguration. The Fifth Luminous Mystery. The Institution of the Eucarist.